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Shanty Singing Virgin!


So, last night I went into Watchet to Pebbles Tavern. Where I had my very first experience of Watchet Shanty Singing. As a shanty virgin, I was horrified to discover that the singing wasn’t just a spectator event, but a participation one!

Ably led by David Milton, Watchet’s Common Crier and Bell Man the audience sang along to his opening number. Then the floor was open for those around to sing their favorite shanty with or without the participation of the swelling numbers in the Tavern.

And then the unthinkable…….my turn!

Now, I spend all my day in the Visitor Centre which is attached to the Boat Museum and If you’ve visited recently you will know that I listen to shanty singing all day long. But guess what, I couldn’t think of one single shanty that I could sing!!

But then it came to me the most irritating shanty ever….

I heard, I heard the old man say, hey
John kanaka kanaka tura yay,
Today is a holiday
John kanaka kanaka tura yay,
Tura yay, oh, tura yay,
John kanaka kanaka tura yay,
We’ll work tomorrow, but not today
John kanaka kanaka tura yay,
We’ll work tomorrow, but not today
John kanaka kanaka tura yay,
Tura yay, oh, tura yay,
We’re bout aaway from frisko bay


Why is it the most irritating I hear you say?

Because that’s the one the Boat Museum CD player gets stuck on!

If you’d like to experience a Watchet Shanty night the next one in Pebbles Tavern is 20th August. Or check out their web page

Our 10 favourite pictures of snowy Watchet!

On Thursday 1st March we woke to the bright white glow of Watchet heavily covered in a blanket of snow! Some very adventurous people braved the cold to capture Watchet looking quite different to the beautiful sunny views we’re accustomed to! Here’s our top 10 photos of snowy Watchet…

Terry Walker is always out and about capturing magical moments around Watchet. We love this one of the Esplanade.

Another one by Terry, the salty sea was no match for the mountains of snow!

Thanks to Howard Turner for this beautiful shot of Swain Street.

Just before the snow storm hit! Mark Robinson took a frosty walk along the Mineral Line.

Lisa Tarrant took this snap while taking a snowy walk! Visibility is looking low on them there hills!

Under the snow is the West Somerset Railway tracks, honest! Photo by Helen J Griffin.

Where are the legs of the bench?! Heather De Rosevere captured Contains Art almost being swallowed by the snow!

Who would be sat in the snow?! Oh it’s the Yankee Jack statue! And someone’s given him a nice warm scarf too! Photo by Becky Hird.








Another one by Becky Hird. We barely recognised the usually lush green Memorial Ground!

And lastly Harbour Road, photographed by David Sorrell, shows our lovely Visitor Centre and Boat Museum sitting proudly in the snow!

Thanks to everyone who braved the freeze to take these beautiful snaps! We can’t wait to do ‘Our favourite SUNNY pictures of Watchet’ – Hopefully it wont be too much longer!