West St Beach and the Victorian Boating Pool:

Just off West Street at the bottom of the hill to Blue Anchor, is a stony, rock pool and fossil filled delight, with the added joy of incredible strata punctuated vistas. It’s a fantastic spot for a walk, and happily for many, an area of coastline that still welcomes dogs.

Watchet’s Victorian tidal pool can be found on West Street Beach, at the bottom of the short slipway. Historically, Watchet had two pools, this one and one off Helwell Bay (the latter of which has since disappeared), for in Victorian times ladies and gentlemen did not bathe together!

Early each summer the Watchet Conservation Society cleans the pool ready for both visiting and local children to enjoy.

Why not buy a wooden boat from the Visitor Centre and take it for a sail on the pool? Or pick up a net and bucket from one of Watchet’s independent shops, and have a fun afternoon rock pooling.