Pubs & Bars

For a small town we do have quite a selection of places to go to drink! These are all within a short walking distance of each other, so if you’re the sort of person who likes to ring the changes on a night out, Watchet will tick that box for you!

We have historic Coaching houses in the shape of the West Somerset Hotel and the The London complete with coaching entrances. We have The Bell and The Star strategically placed by the old harbour where smuggling was rife in the 1700’s.

Then there is Pebbles Bar a ‘micro pub’ with a reputation for live music and CAMRA awards. One of three places in Watchet that have CAMRA awards!!

The Esplanade Club and the Royal British Legion are also open to visitors and are particularly good at putting on a really good evenings entertainment. In fact Watchet, has a reputation for live music in all of its venues and  you can often find something a little out of the ordinary carrying on in one of them!

Then the newest addition is the East Quay Kitchen which although more of a Restaurant, has a large court yard area where you can enjoy a drink in the evening, with or without food.

For a full list of places in Watchet to have an evening drink or a cheeky afternoon one, click on the link below.

Licenced premises in Watchet