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Dinosaurs are coming…….

Almost extinct, Watchet is one of only two West Somerset Towns to still have a Carnival and this year we’re hoping for something bigger and better!

With a changed format the Carnival committee are hoping to make this event a bit different.


The traditional Carnival Procession will take place at 6pm on Saturday 27th July.  Walking entries and floats accompanied by bands and majorettes. Get your thinking caps on and get involved, entries are still being added!

Come and join the Carnival Queen and the Carnival Drag Queen for an evening of fun and entertainment!


On Sunday 28th July a tradition Carnival Fete will take place at the Memorial Ground, from 12.00 to 5.00pm.

There will be afternoon entertainment, stalls and activities for all to join in.

And watch out for the Dinosaur………..


Its raining, its pouring……..


How much rain can there possibly be heading down to Watchet today!

Yesterday I posted a glorious picture on Facebook. The sun shining down on the harbour, the tide was in, the sun was out and even the pigeons were relaxing in the beautiful day.

But today its wet. Not just wet but WET, WET, VERY, VERY WET!

But its not inside, its warm and dry in here!


You don’t have to be a holiday maker or visitor to use the Visitor Centre. Locals are most definitely welcome and there’s plenty you can do.

Come and check out our post card exhibition. Presented by Contains Art as part of the touring exhibition ‘The Postcard is always Innocent.’ The exhibition of postcards  are of Somerset, the majority of which are pre 1920 and some are hand tinted. There are over 100 postcards to look at. These come from the collection of Jeremy Cooper who has acquired them since 2014.

Come and check out our collection of Flatners, a local boat and unique to this area. Displayed with a collection of sailing and fishing memorabilia. Or view our collection of models.

Bring your easel and come and paint or draw. Lots of lovely exhibits with great light and shadow arranged especially for that unusual still life.

Bring a book and come and read. We can’t guarantee silence as we have sea shanties playing, but we can guarantee a warm welcome!

Check out the gift selection in the shop. We have some lovely items which you can use yourself or give as a gift. Wooden coasters, picnic blankets, candles, lanterns, ornaments, all of which would look lovely in your home!

I’ll even make the first person to visit this morning a cup of tea if they’ve read this blog!

Things to do in the Boat Museum

What can you do in the Boat Museum?

  1. Test your strength
  2. Sail a wind powered boat
  3. Make some rope
  4. Play the light house game
  5. Colour a picture
  6. Dress as a sailor and play in ‘Doris the Play Boat’
  7. Pretend to be Isambard Kingdom Brunel
  8. Take a family photo
  9. Become a code breaker
  10. Complete the origami boat trail