Month: August 2019

Watchet is Volunteer Central…


Watchet is blessed with a huge number of willing volunteers. Volunteers that love music, volunteers that love gardening, those that love art, those that love the 40s, those that love books, those who love trains…………..I could go on and on.

This weekend we have Watchet Festival. A three day extravaganza of music, poetry and art. The bass re-verbs around town into the night and the happy folk who are partying on the hill enjoy the views of the sea and sunshine especially requested for this weekend!

Why do I mention the festival?

Well without the volunteers the festival just wouldn’t be Watchety! Volunteers on security. Volunteers on maintenance, on stewarding, on car parking  duty just to name a few of the jobs that locals love to fill.


As I drove passed yesterday evening at 11.30pm. Music throbbing, lights flashing, happy shouting and singing. There  sat by the side of the road with their flask of tea and…………………. ear defenders on were a couple of local ‘retirees’ on car parking duty!

How Watchety is that!!!

I just love to see those embracing the volunteer ethos, our town is full of these amazing people who give up their time to keep things running smoothly.  Age is no barrier,  just keep doing what you’re doing you are really appreciated.


To quote our Town Crier ‘don’t come to Watchet to retire, come to Watchet to live!’