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What’s so great about Watchet?

There’s nothing to do! I’m bored!

Don’t you just LOVE the school holidays?

I’ve lost count of the number of times my two have sat stony faced on the sofa uttering those immortal words. To make matters worse they don’t just say it when they’re sat on the sofa at home, they even dare to say it when I’ve paid out for a family holiday!


Located along West Street in the heart of Watchet is a hidden gem. Many holiday makers drive past without a second glance and dare I say many who call themselves local do too. But if you’ve parked in Watchet you are within walking distance of a morning or afternoon adventure!


Before we get to our destination we need a few provisions. Building materials are a must…………elastic bands, driftwood, a few sticks, a piece of material, a bit of string……….a scavenger hunt at home or on the way! Then visit Watchet Visitor Centre for a tide timetable, the tide needs to be out for this jolly! (While here you can also pick up a little item that might become very necessary! I’ll explain at the end!)


Head down Swain Street towards the harbour. (Haven’t got your full building kit? See what you can find on the way!) At the Market House Museum turn left and head along West Street. The pavement is non existent in parts so be very careful especially with loose bored children!

On the way take a look at  Watchet’s Inner Harbour on the left hand side. Can you imagine the small sailing vessels that would have anchored here 500 years ago?

Then on the right hand side in the car park you can see a huge harbour wall. Check out the Sea Spray Gallery, some fantastic artwork for all to admire!

Keep going and watch the traffic! The access to West Street Beach is on the right hand side just after a group of houses. Follow the slip road onto the beach and here you find our hidden gem. A Victorian paddling pool!


Not me! Paddling was definitely a Victorian pastime and not one my two would be happy to participate in! But, given the task of making the best sailing vessel from my scavenger hunt selection and the opportunity to out do each other and they’re well away!

Boats built, a water test and races are the order of the day. Plenty of fun and laughter from all.


That little item you might need from the Visitor Centre Shop? A little boat (or two!) just in case the scavenged one sinks!!